JMG Multimedia Tiles
Version: 1.2.0 Release Date: 20 March 2018

Compose, manage and publish impressive multimedia content. This multimedia module for Joomla gives you unlimited possibilities to present your content in an awesome way!


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    This looks like a great mod BUT will possibly defeat a newbie to Joomla and its extensions - I'm an intermediate user of both & found this vexing to say the least. No info on how best to set it up once you install it and while much of it is easy to figure out, there's no real help or support easily available if you're struggling. I'd have liked more tooltips to help know what some parts related to and somewhere on here to come for answers when I got stuck. Even the option for providing "Suggestions" just leads to this site's home page after which you have to hunt around to find this section. My mod is only half working & I've no idea why as I can't figure out sizes for each section if placing an image nor why text boxes aren't showing up where expected etc. So near & yet so far :(

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