Installing JMG Forms

Installing JMG Forms is no different than installing any other Joomla!™ extension on your site. You can read the complete instructions for installing Joomla!™ extensions on the official help page. Throughout this chapter we assume that you are familiar with these instructions and we will try not to duplicate them.

Automatic updates

JMG Forms can be updated just like any other Joomla! extension, using the Joomla! extensions update feature. Please note that Joomla! is fully responsible for discovering available updates and installing them on your site. We don´t have any control of the update process.

Using the JMG Forms component


This menu item type lets you access JMG Forms's main page (Dashboard). This is the same menu item type Joomla! creates by default when you install the component.


This menu item shows you the list of all forms. JMG Forms comes with 2 standard ready-made forms that you can use directly. The only thing you have to do before you can use the forms is to define the email recipient. With the form editor, you can also create any other forms as you like.

Click on the list on the name of the form, the form editor will appear. You can choose one or more recipients. After saving the changes, the form is ready for use. How to use a form in the frontend is described below.

Further configuration options are:

  • Recipient
  • Subject
  • Recaptcha
  • GDPR
  • Collect submissions. Is this option active, the submissions will be stored in the database.
  • Footer


This menu item shows you the list of all available form fields. JMG Forms contains some important predefined default fields that appear in most forms, such as Name, Phone, Address, Email, Message. However, you can also define other custom fields for your needs.

To edit the existing or create new fields, use the form field editor. Already form fields have been defined, can be used in any form.

Adding and ordering fields to forms is very easy with drag n drop.


Adding a form to menu item

Open the Menu Item Manager. Select an existing menu item, or click on "New" to create a new menu item. Select the appropriate menu item type.

Complete the Menu Item Details section as required.







Joomla Module made in Germany
Joomla Module made in Germany
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JMG Joomla Erweiterungen
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Die Gruppe, JMG Joomla Erweiterungen richtet sich an Anwender, die bereits Plugins, Module oder Komponente von JMG (JooMeGa) verwenden oder sich vorab...

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