Our joomla modules are available in English and German, in the near future new languages will be added.


JMG Team
JMG Team 1.0.0
Get your team page created. JMG Team is a versatile Joomla plugin for...
JMG Quotation
A module for displaying quotes or testimonials into your pages. With our new...
JMG WhatsApp Button
Did you know you can send a WhatsApp message directly from a web page? By...
JMG Multimedia Tiles
Compose, manage and publish impressive multimedia content. This multimedia...
JMG Feature Box
This modul adds a feature box with a title, icon, description, coloured...
JMG Amazing Page Header
Surprise and amaze your visitors with nice animated, living page header. JMG...
JMG Parallax
JMG Parallax 1.2.0
JMG Parallax is a nice parallax section builder module for your Joomla...
JMG Animated Article Title
Bring your Joomla! article title to life! Put it in any module position and...
JMG Headline Anywhere
JMG Headline Anywhere makes an instance of your article title and puts it in...
JMG Sidebar
JMG Sidebar 1.9.3
JMG Sidebar is a nice Joomla module, which sticks to your web page side...
JMG Article Img
Displays the current article image in any module position. You can choose...
JMG Img Hover
JMG Img Hover Module for Joomla! is based on Pure CSS Image Hover Effect...
JMG Joomla Erweiterungen
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Die Gruppe, JMG Joomla Erweiterungen richtet sich an Anwender, die bereits Plugins, Module oder Komponente von JMG (JooMeGa) verwenden oder sich vorab...
Joomla Module made in Germany
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